MESSAGE FROM President Dilaram Kharel








President Dilaram Kharel

代表取締役  カレル ディラ ラム


Since foundation, we have made it the mission to send valuable food in the world to the table in Japan, have hoped to contribute to society through “food”, and have continued following till a little more than 20 years of て today.
Without changing the posture, we are continuing the activity very enthusiastically today when the 21st century came around also so that we may extend the world of new food.
Disseminating the information about overseas new eating habits is being continued making full use of the know-how which has cultivated Asian countries including Nepal at the base until now [ of us ].
We will recognize firmly that “food” has played the large role for people’s happiness from now on, and will continue the further efforts as an expert of food aiming at creation of richer more pleasant eating habits.
I ask you to give me in the future more much more support and patronage.