About Us

About Us


~We Believe In Quality 高い品質にこだわる想い~


当社は、「We Believe In Quality〜高い品質にこだわる想い」をモットーに良い品を安定的に配送しております。



~We Believe In Quality~


our company — “– We Believe In Quality- I am delivering elegance good for a motto for the thought ” adhering to high quality stably.
The inside of Japan also has a network with the overseas producer who can supply foods to the Asian bloc stably for high quality centering on Nepal India and China from the first.
There are many customers and connections especially over 20 years or more in Nepal, and not only a major manufacturer but many traditional makers who adhered to safe safe quality although it was a minor scale exist.
Sell only the goods to which we ourselves who are the pros of food imports can be convinced in “It is delicious.”
“safe” It should be safe goods [ that I have you eat by carrying out ] at the family in whom we act as Ai.
For that purpose, we do not reach a compromise at all.
“Since I want those who love to eat” is the “morals” of our company, and it is the language showing the idea in the bottom.